Chaves & Perlowitz LLP: Estate Planning

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Chaves & Perlowitz LLP: Estate Planning
Estate planning is among the most essential branches of the law because it addresses a situation that affects 100% of the population: Death. Nearly everyone leaves an “estate” when they pass on, whether it is a car and a checking account or a sprawling real estate portfolio. While estates may vary greatly, the end result is the same: We can’t take it with us.

But estate planning can be empowering. Structuring a seamless plan for assets after death that is congruent with the way one lived his or her life brings peace of mind. Putting a plan in place doesn’t mean that one is ready to die; it means that they are prepared and ready to enjoy the time they have left.

Chaves and Perlowitz LLP values a personalized approach to estate planning that focuses on each client’s individual needs and goals. We like to meet our clients’ families and form long-term relationships around the estate plans that we draft.

The firm’s estate planning services include:

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