Chaves & Perlowitz LLP: Condo & Coop Representation

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Chaves & Perlowitz LLP: Condo & Coop
Chaves & Perlowitz LLP represents, as general counsel, boards of directors of cooperative corporations and boards of managers of condominium associations, successfully handling every type of legal and business matter related to the operation of their respective buildings. We work very closely with board members, managing agents, shareholders and individual shareholders/unit owners to deliver practical legal counsel. From the largest cooperative corporation we represent (in excess of 1,000 residential units) to the smallest, we provide cost-effective, quality service tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Our coop and condo services include, but are certainly not limited to the following:

  • General legal advice regarding day-to-day matters, including the preparation, review and updating of by-laws, proprietary leases, alteration agreements, house rules and general corporate policies (including for smoking, pets and flip taxes).
  • Preparation, negotiation and review of all construction and related agreements and contracts, commercial leases, management agreements, and license agreements and leases (e.g., for laundry rooms, hallway space, storage facilities, parking lots, advertisements and cell towers).
  • Preparation of Guaranty’s, Trust Ownership Agreements and other similar agreements between the individual shareholders/owners and the cooperative/condominium.
  • Assist our clients in obtaining underlying financing for their buildings, negotiating the terms of their secured and unsecured mortgages and credit facilities.