Condo & Coop Services

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Chaves & Perlowitz LLP zealously represents cooperative and condominium buildings in New York City, including many large and small buildings. The Director of the Coop-Condo department, Mark A. Hakim Esq., has approximately twenty years of experience representing and/or assisting in the representation of hundreds of cooperatives and condominiums throughout New York City. Our collective expertise and experience enables us to advise and assist our clients in a comprehensive and efficient manner, while simultaneously providing the proverbial personal touch at cost effective rates. Our goal is to respond to all emails and phone calls within one business day, and usually sooner as we understand that, in today’s world, information is key and our clients not only are entitled to regular updates of all of their matters, but they deserve it.

We routinely assist and advise our cooperative and condominium clients as follows:

  • Review of, revising and updating of outdated corporate documents to reflect modern trends (legislative and/or case-law).
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts related to the operation, maintenance and/or upgrading of the building including for alterations (individual and building wide, such as that for Local Law 11, lobby and hallway renovations, and boiler and elevator repair/replacement).
  • Assistance with mortgage refinances and credit loans, and the negotiation of the documents, and closing of the loans.
  • Attendance at meetings of the Board and the shareholders’/owners’ annual meetings to ensure the proper conduct of those meetings and in the election processes.
  • Assistance with day-to-day matters, including that related to breaches of the corporate documents by the shareholders/unit owners, implementation of flip taxes, interpretation of house rules and the corporate documents, by-law disputes, breaches of duty/conflicts of interest, and noise and other objectionable conduct complaints.
  • Reviewing each building’s offering plan, and amendments to the building’s bylaws and house rules in anticipation of and to avoid difficulties and we help provide a platform for smooth governance.
  • Following the creation or conversion to condominium, assisting and educating the new Board in understanding its obligations and governing effectively